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SpiderTech™ Kinesiology Tape

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Product Description

The true original Kinesiology Tape from Japan.

Spider Tape is considered to be the World Standard in Kinesiology Tape. Engineered to mimic the thickness, weight and elasticity of human skin, Spider Tape is made of high-grade cotton material with 100% acrylic, hypoallergenic adhesive. The original “gentle wave pattern” material provides superior adhesion with minimal irritation. Tape is water-resistant and breathable, and can be worn for up to five days. Rolls measure 2" x 16.4' (5.0cm x 5m). Available in Blue, Black, Pink, Beige and Gentle.

Sold one roll per box.

Equivalent to 6 single rolls, SpiderTech Bulk Rolls are an economical solution for athletic or healthcare providers who use kinesiology tape consistently. SpiderTech™ Bulk Rolls makes taping convenient and helps prevent the need to stop mid-application to retrieve another roll to finish the job.Rolls measure 2" x 103' (5.0cm x 31.5m). Available in Blue, Black, Red and Beige.

Spider Tape works with the body to help provide the 3Ps:

Pain Reduction via neural mechanisms which result in the restoration of normal position sense and muscle activation patterns.

Prevention through re-establishing functional joint stability, enhancing the necessary natural healing mechanisms and through smooth controlled limitation of potentially harmful ranges of motion.

Performance enhancement indirectly through decreased repetitive strain trauma, decreased onset of muscular fatigue and the reduced occurrence of muscle cramping.

SpiderTech™ Gentle
 based on the same high-grade breathable cotton material uses a gel-like, gentle adhesive that minimizes skin irritation without losing its grip. SpiderTech™ Gentle, the Stratagel adhesive conforms to the entire skin area, allowing its gentle adhesive to maintain grip without irritation during wear, and minimizes the amount of skin cells damaged during removal. Hypoallergenic, latex-free.

  • Greatly reduces skin redness, itching, and minimizes skin irritation.
  • Less discomfort with removal of tape or applications.
  • Allows continuous applications without irritation.
  • Great for patients with sensitive skin, including Geriatric and Pediatric applications.

Sold in boxes of six rolls.


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